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The National Theatre School of Canada provides aspiring directors, actors, production specialists, dramaturgs and designers with the most rigorous, exhaustive and personalized training in the country. +



The National Theatre School provides powerful and unparalleled training for actors. The program integrates voice, movement and text work to holistically expand the actor’s range. In an intimate and personalized setting, students are guided by influential figures of contemporary Canadian and international theatre who are actively engaged in their community.

Yousef Kadoura,
future Acting graduate
Yousef Kadoura

The Production program trains students in Production Management, Technical Direction, Stage Management, Stage Electrics/Lighting Design, Sound Systems/Sound Design and Video Systems/Video Design. Production students learn their craft from seasoned professionals in a stimulating environment, complete with up-to-date technology and professional equipment offered on both NTS campuses.

Daniel Bennett,
future Production graduate
Daniel Bennett
Set and Costume Design

The Set and Costume Design program teaches costume and set designers the skills to work in a range of disciplines. This bilingual program brings together Francophone and Anglophone students from across Canada and beyond. Students experience a wide range of theatrical practices and leave the School as graduates who offer invaluable artistic versatility.

Robin Brazill,
future Set and Costume design graduate
Robin Brazill

The Playwriting program reveals each writer’s unique voice, while developing their imagination, intellect, and creative process. An array of writing projects, workshops and classes allow students to discover the rhythms, tone and style that best serve their plays.

Rachel Ganz,
future Playwriting graduate
Rachel Ganz

The National Theatre School’s training for directors is rigorous and immersive. It supports individual growth through exposure to a diversity of professional practices and theatre styles, including a thorough examination of current Canadian and Quebec theatre practices. The program offers an exceptional opportunity for involvement in core theatre disciplines, including acting, design, production, and new play development.

Carly Chamberlain,
future Directing graduate
Carly Chamberlain

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